AISA invites individuals with an interest in cyber security and related industries to join our fast-growing membership of 12,000+.

Our broad membership base consists of information security professionals from industries such as IT, software development, financial services, education, energy, utilities, telecommunications, consultant/advisory, healthcare, government, transportation, hospitality, tourism, retail, manufacturing and mining.

Our members range from company directors and managers to lawyers, risk professionals, software architects and highly-skilled technical security specialists.

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The Benefits of an AISA Membership:

As the nationally recognised peak industry body for cyber and information security professionals, AISA represents and advocates in the interests of its members.

AISA serves as a collective voice within the industry to promote and protect the common interests of members by influencing policy decisions and providing a platform for collaboration and networking.

As a member-based industry association, AISA represents its members through a variety of mechanisms:

  1. Advocacy and Lobbying: AISA advocates on behalf of its members to government bodies, regulatory agencies and other relevant stakeholders by lobbying for policy change, regulation updates and laws that are favourable to both the industry and our members' interests.
  2. Policy Development: AISA develops and proposes policies based on survey responses and feedback received that addresses the needs and concerns of our members.
  3. Information Sharing: AISA provides members with up-to-date information, research and insights into the industry to help members stay informed on recent trends, new developments and current challenges.
  4. Networking and Collaboration: AISA offers opportunities for members to connect with each other by facilitating member meetings, networking events and collaborations that can lead to partnerships, knowledge exchange and business opportunities.
  5. Education and Training: AISA hosts round table discussions, webinars, workshops, seminars and training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of our members. These forums assist members with adapting to changes within the industry whilst also improving their confidence and competitiveness.
  6. Representation in Public Forums: AISA represents its members in public discussions, conferences and forums that relate to the industry, allowing members' voices to be heard on a broader stage.
  7. Problem Solving: AISA assists members to resolve industry-related challenges that they may be facing by providing a platform for sharing best practices and solutions.
  8. Research and Data: AISA conducts research, member surveys and collects data that supports our advocacy efforts to assist members to make informed decisions.

AISA acts as a unified front for our members by leveraging their collective influence to achieve common goals, address current issues and promote the growth and well-being of the industry.



  • Member Meet-Ups - a unique opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects and perspectives, thanks to AISA's diverse membership

Employment Opportunities


  • Member newsletter
    • Fortnightly member newsletter 
  • Live Cyber news feed
    • Access to live curated cyber news stream
  • Publications
    • Cyber Today - bi annual publication 
    • Cyber Australia - annual journal


  • Australian Cyber Conference
    • Member discounts on the annual AISA National Conference, the Australian Cyber Conference - both Melbourne and Canberra
    • Rated as one of the best information security events in the Asia Pacific region
  • One Day Conferences
    • Sydney CyberCon Connect
    • Access to PerthSEC, BrisSEC, AdelaideSEC and Canberra Security Day
  • Member Meet ups
    • Free access to member branch meetings across the country (not just your local branch) to share knowledge and network with peers - in person and virtual
  • Member Webinars
    • Free member only webinars
  • Industry Events
    • Access to AISA event presentations and resources
    • Discounted registrations to industry conferences such as Gartner's Risk and Security Summit and Black Hat Asia

Professional Development

    • Continued Professional Education (CPE) points are recorded for AISA members via a CPE Diary within their membership profile
    • Attendance at member events such as branch meetings, conferences and training all count towards CPE with points logged automatically by AISA
    • Volunteering on AISA committees also accumulates CPE
    • Members can log their own CPE supporting documents for attendance at third party professional development sessions
    • Certificate of attendance at AISA events can also be added to a member CPE Diary on request
    • CPE Diaries assist AISA members with simplifying the professional development audit process
  • (ISC)2
    • recognise AISA as a trusted CPE provider
    • access to (ISC)2 APAC secure webinars
    • 20% discount on the Official (ISC)2 OnDemand learning modules
    • Discounted access to Live Online CISSP, CCSP or SSCP training
    • AISA is the official (ISC)2 chapter for most states and territories
  • ALC Training Group
    • 10% discount on individual ALC Group training
    • 15% discount for AISA branch arranged group bookings (min 6 people)
  • DDLS
    • 10% discount of all DDLS supplied training courses
    • 15% discount on group bookings of 5+ delegates*
  • SANS
    • Access to SANS webcast, reading room and Internet Storm Centre,
    • Exclusive AISA member-only discount of US$450 for a pre-agreed course (or courses) at each SANS multi-course training event in Australia
  • BSI
    • 10% discount for in-house courses, 20% discount for public courses, 30% discount for branch organised course with 5 or more AISA members on the same course
  • CompTIA
    • Join CompTIA 'solution provider' membership at a discounted rate of USD$149, normally USD$350.  Members will then qualify for a 15% discount on CompTIA test vouchers, 15% discount on the Certmaster training platform and premium access to the site.
  • IoTSI
    • A 15% discount on all online SCCISP courses.
  • Offensive Security
    • Self-paced course offerings: 10% off the cost of any course
    • Lab Extensions: 10% off the cost of any lab extension
    • OffSec Academy PWK Course: 10% off the course cost

Membership types

AISA offers the following types of membership:

a) Standard membership for $99 (inc GST) per year*
b) Associate (student) membership for $50 (inc GST) per year. 
Students that attend one of our partner universities or TAFEs receive complimentary membership - see if yours is one of our partners HERE

*Includes a $22 (inc GST) admin fee

By joining, members agree to abide by AISA's code of ethics.

Please contact us on (02) 8076 6012 or [email protected] if you have any questions about AISA membership.

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