Cyber Australia

Cyber Australia is AISA's annual cyber security magazine written for the industry, by the industry.

This unique industry publication showcases the best thought leadership our industry has on offer and is distributed to a readership of 40,000+.

Permanently available via this website page, Cyber Australia is available in hardcopy, pdf and e-reader formats. Each edition is shared via edm to all AISA Members, as well as being promoted on social media.

Cyber Australia is released at AISA's Australian Cyber Conference Melbourne each year.


Cyber Australia 2023-2024

In this edition:

- Patrick Fair - Does Self Defence Justify Cyber Offence
- Tony Campbell - Navigating Cyber Security in the Metaverse
- Leonard Kleinman - The Quantum Effect on Cyber Security
- Mark Anderson - Getting Company Directors on Board with Cyber Security
Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Dr Shaanan Cohney - Singing the Virtues of Cyber Security

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Cyber Australia 2022-2023

In this edition:

- What data is most prized by ransomware attackers?
- AISA gets muddy at 'Splendour in the Grass'
- In Focus: TIKTOK
- Diminished trust and the trouble with ‘PBD Lite'
- Ransomware has become a fact of life for businesses
- What should Cyber Security committees report to the Boards of Directors?

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Cyber Australia 2021-2022

In this edition:

- The shaping of cyber in the post September 11 world
- Working together to fight cybercrime
- Think that you'll never fall for a business email compromise scam?
- Legal hacking - why not?
- Cyber security maturity - Australian businesses get a pass mark, but can do better
- Applying risk appetite to your crown jewels

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Cyber Australia 2020-2021

In this edition: 

 - Budget acrobatics: crucial in post COVID-19 recovery
 - IoT in the post COVID-19 world
 - Risk management in the time of pandemic
 - 5G: a security liability
 - Spotlight: Education
 - The ASD cyber skills framework

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Cyber Australia 2019

In this issue: 

- A closer look at cyber security education
- As mobiles become keys to the kingdom, attackers are coming a-knocking
- What does it take to change risky behaviour in cyberspace?
- Banks spending big on security to keep cyber criminals at bay
- The changing face of the law

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Cyber Australia 2018

In this edition: 

- Healthcare cyber security on life support
- Innovation to combat cyber criminals
- Cyber security research shift up a gear
- Widening the scope of corporate cyber security
- When money can be hacked, what does cyber security look like?

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