Privacy Act Review Report 2022

Submission Paper

AISA was pleased to submit a response to the Privacy Act Review Report 2022 in collaboration with the Australian Cyber Law Institute (ACLI).

ACLI and AISA have reviewed and referenced the submissions and commentary of IIS Partners, Privcore, and Sallinger Privacy. As such, we hope that our views will be considered alongside those of our esteemed colleagues, as collectively we are working to ensure enhancements to Australian privacy law aimed at improving organisational privacy practice, empowering consumers, and protecting their data.

In this submission we have covered matters of particular interest to this stage of the privacy reform agenda, noting that our 2021 Issues Paper submission canvased at length many of the themes mapped into the present Discussion Paper, and the submission to the Privacy Act Review – Discussion Paper (October 2021), submitted October 2022.

The Report is the culmination of two years of extensive consultation and review of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Review of the Act). The Review examines the Act and its enforcement mechanisms in the context of a world where Australians now spend much of their lives online and their information is collected and widely used in the digital economy.

We commend the Australian Government and Department of Home Affairs for their ongoing efforts on this Review. The resulting Report contains hundreds of references to cyber, cyber security or security and contains several hundred pages of summary, proposals, information related to consultations and terms of reference.

Overall, we support the amendment of the Act and see this as a vital step toward Australia’s digital future.

Please read AISA and ACLI’s joint Submission to the Privacy Act Review Report 2022 HERE