Canberra Institute of Technology

Certificate IV in Cyber Security

This course is specifically designed to develop your skills and knowledge for a career as a Cyber Security paraprofessional. This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be competent in a wide range of foundation IT network testing and security, ICT security and website security; working safely and ethically in a sustainable work environment as a junior cyber security analyst.

Graduate Certificate in Networking and Cyber Security

This course provides network engineers, currently in or aiming for upper management positions, with a range of high level specialist IT networking and cyber security knowledge and skills. Graduates of this qualification will also gain the knowledge and skills to:
- design, implement, secure and maintain large enterprise networks
- identify, manage, analyse and use initiative to lead a team in diffusing and preventing cyber security breaches
- enhance the information technology infrastructure of businesses and/or government to increase cyber security.
Graduates will also extend or gain high level business management skills and knowledge. These skills include research, evaluation, project management, strategic change management and continuous improvement of ICT technologies within a business or government context.