Quality Matters More Than Quantity, When it Comes to Protecting Your Data

Melbourne, October 2023: The Australian Information Security Association (AISA) is warning Australians of the risks associated with buying cheaper goods from overseas, where data privacy and protection is poorly regulated.

“The modern consumer is often swayed by the convenience and cost, sidelining paramount concerns about their online privacy and data security,” AISA Chair Damien Manuel said. “The message is clear If you want to secure your data and ensure your privacy, you should be looking to buy products from markets that are rigorously regulated, like those here in Australia, and that might mean paying more.”

AISA, Australia’s peak cyber security organisation, is warning consumers against the allure of cheap alternatives, instead encouraging Australians to value trusted and reliable sources, particularly in the wake of ongoing cybercrime and challenges across the world.

In an age dominated by swift global production chains, AISA is also highlighting the importance of making ethical choices in our consumption habits.

“COVID-19 ushered in a period of introspection, urging societies to reassess their core values,” Mr Manuel said.

“Our world is at a technological crossroad. Incidents such as Australia's stance on excluding Huawei from our 5G network, or restricting the use of TikTok on government devices, underscores the global paradigm shift in how we approach technology."

“For example, while blockchain technology might have experienced an initial surge in popularity, its association with the volatile cryptocurrency market has led to a decrease in trust. Notwithstanding its potential applications, blockchain seems tethered to the crypto sphere in public perception.”

Manuel also addresses the buzz surrounding quantum computing, "While it’s true that quantum computing holds immense potential, our current encryption methods, especially those with keys 2048 bits or longer, will remain effective for the foreseeable future, possibly another two to four decades. For long-term data protection, though, more advance methods or extended keys might be required."

In these changing times, AISA continues its commitment to championing robust information security practices, ensuring every individual is equipped with the knowledge to safeguard their digital identity.


Dennis Giese is a researcher specialising in the security and privacy of embedded systems and IoT devices with a keen interest in physical security, applied research and reverse engineering of malware and various devices. He will be speaking on ‘Unveiling the hidden world of robot vacuum security’ at the Australian Cyber Conference Melbourne on Wednesday 18 October 2023 at 10.50am live from the Plenary Main Stage.



MEDIA RELEASE - Quality Matters More Than Quantity, When it Comes to Protecting Your Data - 17 October 2023




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