Changes to NSW leadership with new chairperson and deputy appointed

AISA is pleased to announce that Amit Chaubey is the new NSW Branch chairperson after Laith Shahin decided to step back.

Executive committee member Nicki Doble has accepted the deputy chairperson position vacated by Amit.

AISA general manager Megan Spielvogel welcomed the appointments, saying both members had strong and deep connections in the sector and had shown their commitment to AISA’s mission.

Amit, who joined the NSW committee in 2019, said he would focus on providing value-added information to our members.

“I plan to work with the startups and students, understand their challenges, and explore opportunities to support them.

“I’ll also want to establish an outreach program to ensure broader NSW communities understand cyber security challenges and safeguard them.”

Nicki said she would encourage other C-suites executives and the wider technology community to learn more about cyber security and how they could play an active role in security by design.

She said she would continue to be an advocate for cognitive diversity and energise others to cross skills and become qualified in cyber security.

“And I want to influence people to use AISA as a pathway into the wider cyber community where they can network and learn from the vast experience of AISA members.”

Amit said he would continue to promote widely to demonstrate the association's vision and commitment.

Former chairperson Laith is remaining on the executive committee and AISA thanks him for his time and effort as chairperson.

He said: “I would like to thank everyone for their support during the last year or so as the Sydney branch chair.

“I have decided to step down as the chair due to other personal commitments, however, I will be staying in the Sydney committee to continue my six years journey and support to our members.

“I am pleased to be passing the chair band to Amit Chaubey who will be a great leader, has many years of experience, and is highly dedicated to deliver the best for AISA.”

LEADERS: New NSW branch chairperson Amit Chaubey and deputy Nicki Doble.