The AISA Strategy towards 2020

17 May 2016.

As part of our new constitution, charitable status, and community purpose, AISA's Board, Branch Executives and staff are pleased to present our strategy towards 2020. It includes:

  • The AISA Cyber Security Academy (CSA)
  • A sustainable National Conference
  • Expansion into New Zealand
  • E-Magazine and book launch
  • Greater collaboration
  • Establishing the peak professional body of cyber security

We couldn't have done it without you, our valued members, and welcome your continued support and input.

Our plan will not happen overnight. It is a roadmap towards 2020. We are looking forward to what the future holds and hope you'll join us on the journey.

The AISA Cyber Security Academy (CSA)

We are incredibly proud to announce a new Cyber Security Academy. We are confident it will soon be the definitive voice of cyber security while driving innovation and delivering significant value to our community.

The CSA will create partnerships with education institutions, government and industry to advance cyber security through research, teaching excellence, industrial expertise, innovation and training capacity. 

A sustainable National Conference

Our conference is the best in Australia, giving our members exposure to the most inspiring minds in the industry and an unequalled opportunity to influence peers and make important connections.

Every year, conference places are quickly filled. However, a proportion of registered attendees do not arrive on event days. Empty seats are costly in terms of venue and catering, they deny members the opportunity to attend and our sponsors and partners who rely on membership exposure to justify their investment are let down.

To effectively continue this vital forum, this year, the conference will attract a registration fee. The conference will have an early bird of $250 (ex GST) and a non-early bird of $400 (ex GST for members). Non-members for the first time will be able to attend the conference at a fee of $1,000 (ex GST).  A registration fee will ensure we can continue to improve the event as well as invest in new initiatives like the CSA.

Expansion to New Zealand

In coming weeks AISA will open branches in Darwin and Hobart giving us presence in every state and territory in Australia. We will also be taking AISA across the Tasman and establishing ourselves in New Zealand.

E-Magazine and book launch

We will be launching an e-Magazine for our members and be producing a "Cyber security in your business" booklet series drawing from the expertise of our members and our industry insight.

Greater collaboration

Collaboration is key as we help Australia become a more cyber resilient nation. We will be working more closely with organisations such as ISACA, ISC2, ASIAL and others to assist them in their cyber security objectives.

Establishing the peak professional body of cyber security

Once we have established the CSA, work will begin on a professional development scheme for the cyber security industry. The scheme will give those entering the industry a clear career path, and employers the confidence that their staff have the necessary capabilities and skills for their role.

We plan to create membership tiers - from Bronze member to Fellow - and recognise the skills and participation of members.

As ever I am always happy to hear from you and welcome your feedback. We will be publishing the full AISA Strategy towards 2020 on the new website shortly.

Arno Brok