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29/11/2016 -
 Aussie organisations unknowingly contributing to cyber security skills shortage (SecurityBrief Australia)

21/11/2016 - Should Aussie cyber security pros have a licence to operate? (itnews)

10/11/2016 - AISA National Conference Review & Perth Conference Promotion (Australian Pacific Security Magazine) 

04/11/2016 - AISA honourees share their insights on diversity in the information security industry (CSO)
02/11/2016 - ?AISA 2016: Breach fatigue is getting in the way of a more strategic threat response (CSO)

02/11/2016 - ?
AISA 2016: Australia’s cyber-czar says we are in the era of Cybersecurity 2.0 (CSO)

01/11/2016 - AISA 2016: ?Privacy will be solved as infosec matures (CSO)

01/11/2016 - AISA 2016: Solving the big problems of infosec – David Lacey: the father of ISO 2700 (CSO)

28/10/2016 - ?AISA 2016: Curiousity and diversity are critical for infosec success (CSO)

27/10/2016 - AISA 2016: ?Simplification will drive the next generation of infosec success (CSO)

24/10/2016 -
 Quick Q&A Series: Mandatory Reporting, National Legislation & Political Engagement (Chief IT)

24/10/2016 - Executive Editor AISA National Conference 2016 Interview Series: Bruce Schneier (Chief IT)
21/10/2016 - GCHQ tech leader's plan to secure an entire country (ZDNet)

20/10/2016 - Things are looking good for Australia's cyber security strategy (itnews)

19/10/2016 - Mandatory Reporting Notification Laws in Australia: It’s Still All Talk! (Australian Security Magazine)

19/10/2016 - Australia's first cyber threat sharing centre to open before end of year (itnews)

19/10/2016 - There isn't a cybersecurity skills gap: Rik Ferguson (ZDNet)

19/10/2016 - Global opportunity for Aussie cyber industry, says ACGC chair (CIO from IDG)

29/08/2016 - Cyber War (Four Corners, ABC)
07/07/2016 -  Cyber security skills shortage - survey (Australian Security Magazine)

27/04/2016 AISA welcomes Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy (Australian Security Magazine)

03/07/2015 - Australian Information Security Association Appoints First CEO (Australian Security Magazine)

03/07/2015 - AISA names first-ever CEO (itnews)

02/06/2015 - AISA seeks first chief executive (itnews)

28/11/2014 - Infosec checklists becoming common, but they're not magic (ZDNet)

28/11/2014 - Fed gov cyber security review overdue: KPMG and AISA (CIO)

23/10/2014 - Devastating cyber attack turns Melbourne victim into evangelist (CRN)

23/10/2014 - Chinese hackers target Australian law firms (The Global Legal Post)

21/10/2014 - Chinese APT groups targeting Australian lawyers (The Register)

20/10/2014 - Photos: AISA National Conference 2014 (itnews)

20/10/2014 - Oz privacy comish says breaches could double this year (The Register)

20/10/2014 - FIRST standards to clean up messy CERTs (The Register)

16/10/2014 - Adobe CSO offers Oracle security lesson: Go click-to-play (The Register)

16/10/2014 - Vulnerable utilities, telcos, top of new Aussie natsec centre's to-do list (The Register)

14/10/2014 - Critical infrastructure exposed despite cyber security risks (The Australian)

13/10/2014 - Symantec split could lead to more innovation, says AISA (Computer World)

17/09/2014 - Telstra boosts security to stop identity thieves after flaw identified (Sydney Morning Herald)

02/09/2014 - Australia is vulnerable to cyber attack: McAfee boss (Australian Financial Review)

15/07/2014 - Is a second Snowden spilling more NSA secrets? (Crikey)

22/05/2014 - eBay hack: What you need to do now (Computer World)

15/05/2014 - How exec snatched $6m budget from his infosec team because he couldn't see ROI (The Register)

28/04/2014 - Xenophon calls for parliamentary inquiry into Chinese hacking "scandal" (Australian Financial Review)

19/04/2014 - Google accused of being selfish and playing favourites over Heartbleed security bug disclosure (Sydney Morning Herald)

21/03/2014 - Mandatory data breach notification back on government agenda (Computer World)

30/10/2013 - Here's what it takes to be IT Security Rookie of the Year (CSO)

20/05/2013 - Australian Information Security Association issues blunt warning as National Cyber Security Awareness Week begins (CSO)

18/10/2012 - Don't secure the internet, it needs crime: Diffie (ZDNet)

16/10/2012 - Software assurance critical for security: Oracle CSO (CSO)

16/10/2012 - Security better in-cloud than in-house: Google (ZDNet)

14/09/2012 - AISA National Conference 2012 set to repeat last year's success (CSO)

10/11/2011 - Commbank CIO slams 'idiotic' regulations (CSO)

17/08/2011 - AISA launches new website (itnews)

23/07/2011 - AISA's fight to build a secure site (itnews)

03/10/2009 - Howard Schmidt: mobile devices next attack vector (itnews)

26/08/2009 -  Experts doubt DIAC bio-database can stop ID Fraud (CRN)