secureGOV is AISA’s exciting new annual journal of record for government which chronicles the changing threat climate that faces Australia’s government agencies at the federal, state and local government levels.

Each edition of this exciting annual publication will feature a range of content from current MPs, state-based CISOs, state/federal based parliament security groups, CISOs from the EABC / EAB, ACSC leadership team, VMIA, AICD and will include highlights of specific trends in cyber security defence and offence, opinion pieces from cyber security analysts and leaders, and case studies highlighting government data security best practice.

secureGOV will remain relevant and topical, covering issues such as:

  • Cyber security challenges in the community
  • Cyber security challenges for the SME/SMB sector
  • Cyber security and boards
  • How threats are changing
  • Privacy challenges
  • Legislative aspects
  • The professionalisation of the cyber security sector

secureGOV is distributed to leading MPs, policymakers, IT decision makers and cyber security strategists across the Australian government, ensuring that its content reaches the people most affected by changing cyber security trends – and those best-positioned to act on them.

By educating and informing the industry, secureGOV is an important forum for discussing the cyber security challenges facing us today, and the strategies needed to secure the digital governments and community of tomorrow.


secureGOV 2024

In our exciting second edition:

- The state of Australia’s cyber security landscape
by Phil Winzenberg

- Forrester’s 2024 cyber security predictions
by Jinan Budge

- The intersection of data privacy and cyber security
by Andrew Lawrence

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secureGOV 2023

In our inaugural edition:

- Improving government cyber resilience by challenging the status quo
by Jamie Norton and Dr David Ormrod

- The challenge of 'protected information' under the SOCI
by Patrick Fair

- Better together: building strong partnerships to beat the evolving cyberthreat
by Senator James Paterson 

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