A Cyber Security Handbook for Small Business and NFP Directors

The Australian Information Security Association and the Australian Institute of Company Directors have collaborated on a resource to assist the directors of SMEs and NFPs to enhance the cyber security posture of these businesses without introducing unnecessary complexity or operational burden.

Over recent years the profound consequences of serious cyber incidents have impacted every part of the Australian community. Systems have been compromised, personal data has been leaked and commercially sensitive information has been stolen. Cyber security has become a significant concern for all Australians.

As small organisations must routinely juggle priorities thanks to constrained human and financial resources, this guide aims to assist directors of SMEs and NFPs in building foundational cyber resilience.This guide is applicable across the SME and NFP landscape – not just those directly involved in digital and technology-focused industries.

This guide covers:

  • What role a director serves in an elevated cyber threat environment
  • The fundamentals of cyber security
  • How to develop key internal policies and build a culture of cyber resilience

Download the Guide HERE