Widen makeup of 2020 cyber-security panel, AISA urges

THE Australian Information Security Association welcomes the Industry Advisory Panel Report on the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, and is urging greater diversity on the recommended standing advisory panel.

The panel report addressed the major issues and recommendations put forward by AISA’s submission to the strategy, the association’s operations manager, Megan Spielvogel, said.

“In preparing our lengthy and detailed submission, AISA extensively surveyed our membership and it’s pleasing to see that much of their advice and insight has been taken on board.”

Some criticism had been directed at the advisory panel’s makeup as being too weighted towards large telcos and other big businesses.

“We note the report recommends that a new panel should be set up to advise the government on an ongoing basis and to monitor the progress of the strategy, and we would encourage the Government to widen its membership to include peak bodies such as AISA, academia and businesses from other sectors such as healthcare, retail, utilities (power, water, gas), manufacturing and supply chains,” Ms Spielvogel said.

“An additional area of note that the Industry Advisory Panel should take on board, is that not all cyber security professionals come from just a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) background. Some come from business, law, arts and humanities. It is important to remember that the sector needs diversity in gender, thought and skills to solve complex problems in creative and innovative ways.

“AISA’s more than 6500 professional and company members in conjunction with partnerships across 27 education providers in Australia, positions the peak body for the sector to assist government from both the supply and demand side of the industry.”