Guidelines for use of post nominals

These guidelines provide direction as to how post nominals should be represented to indicate AISA membership status.

  1. Definition

    Post nominals are letters placed following a person’s last name to indicate AISA membership status.

  2. Order of Postnominals
    Postnominals should be listed in the following order:
    1. For Religious Persons: letters denoting the religious congregation to which they belong.
    2. National Honours, such as the Order of Australia (AO, AM, AC).
    3. Academic qualifications from lowest to highest, except qualifications awarded by the same institution which are listed together.
    4. Fellowships, then AISA Membership (professional institutions and learned bodies, by election or for scholarship).

  3. Abbreviations

    We encourage our members to use their MAISA or AAISA (and FAISA, if applicable) post nominals at every opportunity, including email sign-offs, official letters, tender documents etc. This helps raise the profile of your professional status and membership with AISA.

    1. Member (MAISA)

      Full members in good standing can now display the post nominal to reflect their membership and commitment to ethical conduct.

    2. Associate (AAISA)

      Is reserved for full-time student members.

    3. Fellow (FAISA)

      A Fellow is an appropriately qualified and experienced leader recognised for their leadership and commitment to the profession and community. Fellows are awarded the post-nominal by the AISA board after meeting strict criteria and in consultation with the newly formed EAB (Executive Advisory Board). 

  4. Further information

          Please contact AISA Operations Manager –