Want to Speak at an AISA Event?

AISA often engages speakers to discuss topics that we believe are interesting and the AISA members would like to hear, this is also an opportunity for our community to look at topics that while related to security are possibly outside the square and of interest to the members that may not have been previously considered.

Branch events run for approximately 45 mins with time for questions, there is a mix of morning, lunch and evening venues booked across 2017 and AISA aims to have as much flexibility as possible for both speakers and members.  

There are a few rules, but in general these sessions are vendor neutral and are not sales presentations, both the AISA Board and local Committees want to broaden the ability for members to participate and encourage local talent.

If you or a colleague would like to speak on a topic that you are passionate about and would benefit the security community then please fill out the short form, availble for download below, and return by email to speakers@aisa.org.au

Branch Presentation Submission Form
(Microsoft Word Document)