Canberra Branch Meeting: June 28

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‘My Infosec Life in Amsterdam’, with Jeremy Goldstein, Head of Security Testing, TSS Cyber

‘My Infosec Life in Amsterdam’

As an Australian I feel it is pretty much my duty to travel to Europe at least once in my life but I took it a step further and moved there with my young family. For 3 years I lived in Amsterdam and ran an internationally staffed REDteam for the largest telecommunications provider in The Netherlands. The whole experience was challenging and amazing and I’ll be discussing some of my personal and professional experiences and observations, both good and bad. From these experiences I’ll also be contrasting The Netherlands security and privacy culture with Australia’s and ultimately discuss what I feel we in Australia could adopt or move towards to mature and improve our own infosec industry. 

Speaker: Jeremy Goldstein, Head of Security Testing, TSS Cyber

Jeremy is the Head of Security Testing at TSS and has previously been the team lead of the KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) REDteam based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has been running technical security teams for a decade and has over 12 years experience in penetration testing and has also spent many of those years performing incident response and threat intelligence. Jeremy enjoys coding and almost anything sufficiently technical… even though he is a team lead. Prior to joining TSS and KPN, Jeremy helped build and run a successful penetration testing, incident response and threat intelligence team at the Australian Taxation Office.

Session will be followed by networking and refreshments.

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6/28/2018 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
PwC (Canberra) Burley Griffin 2 28 Sydney Avenue Forrest, ACT 2603 AUSTRALIA