Darwin Branch Meeting 23 March

Darwin Branch Meeting 23 March
Join us at Deloitte, Darwin, to hear from Anooshe Mushtaq as she shares with us her personal experience and insight into Counter Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Topic 1: Counter Terrorism and Violent Extremism – A Personal Insight

Division in communities – not diversity – creates hatred, and hatred promotes radicalisation among disenfranchised young people. Radical right-wing and Islamic groups are then able to reach these young people and spur them to action. By learning more about the challenges and experiences of our youth, we’re able to better understand how and why local Islamic radical groups target the vulnerable – and what we can do to prevent this. Rather than promoting division, we must promote the values that are Australian: tolerance and respect for one another. These values are the most effective tools we have to build social cohesion, and social cohesion is the most important tool we have in the fight against radicalisation and violent extremism.

Speaker:  Anooshe Mushtaq
Anooshe is a first generation Australian of Pakistani origin. She spent her early years in Pakistan and in Libya on posting with her family. Since her arrival in Western Sydney, Anooshe has experienced first-hand the changing cultural landscape of Australia. Based on her own experience, Anooshe offers an insight into how multicultural Australia has changed over the last 30 years and a perspective on the religious and cultural drivers of Muslim radicalisation in Australia.

Anooshe is an accomplished public speaker and writer. She is a regular speaker at national security conferences on the topic of counter terrorism, building social cohesion, social media extremism, Islamic State’s recruitment strategies, countering violent extremism and Muslim youth radicalisation. Anooshe is Chair and founder of The Raqib Taskforce. The Raqib Taskforce is a Muslim-led, diverse organisation that builds social inclusion through engagement across the Australian community in a manner designed to dispel extremist messages that exist within the public domain.

Anooshe’s research is based on Australian Muslim culture, integration of Muslim youth with mainstream Australian society, violent extremist ideology and Australian Government policies to combat violent extremism. She publishes regularly in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Huffington Post, ABC News, Australian Security Magazine and Security Solution Magazine.

Anooshe is currently studying Masters of Terrorism and Security at Charles Sturt University. She is an Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) and a Research Associate at the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC).

Anooshe is also an advisor to Australian Government, Police, Google, YouTube and a consultant to charities and social welfare organisations working with vulnerable members of the Australian Muslim community.

Website: https://anooshemushtaq.com/
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/anooshemushtaq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnoosheMushtaq

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3/23/2017 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Deloitte (Darwin) Level 11 24 Mitchell St Darwin, NT 0800 AUSTRALIA