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Devops for Dishwashers

Devops for Dishwashers

The Internet of Things is undeniably here. In the last year we have heard tell of security cameras, dishwashers and even ovens roaming the internet unsupervised.
As a consultant and writer specialising in the Internet of Things, I have worked to bring my experience from 20 years in manufacturing and internet security to the IoT world. This presentation will cover the tools and techniques I use to build secure, reliable and rapidly updatable IoT devices.
The techniques covered are applicable to both the simplest embedded devices with no general-purpose OS, and more powerful devices running Linux or Windows.
Speaker: Christoper Briggs

Christopher Biggs has been into Open Systems since the early 90's and was there at the birth of Linux and 386BSD. His interest in electronics and connected devices goes back even further. Christopher’s career encompasses software development, system architecture and engineering management. He built and managed a diverse, global team of over 60 developers at a leading Brisbane IT company. Christopher is now the principal of Accelerando Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in IoT, DevOps mentor-ship and Cloud Data.

Christopher is a co-convener of the Brisbane Internet of Things interest group, and was a founding executive member of HUMBUG, the Brisbane open systems user group. He has presented at conferences and user groups around Australia, and convened a weekly technology lecture series for the entire technology department at a previous workplace.

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11/22/2017 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
BDO Level 10/ 12 Creek Street Brisbane, QLD 4000 AUSTRALIA