Streamlining security operations through Artifical Intelligence

Industry event
Time and talent are key factors in preventing a data breach. To protect key assets from being stolen or damaged, threats must be detected, confirmed, and remediated in near-real-time.

Ecosystm’s cybersecurity research finds that 55% of organisations are impaired by a lack of skills in solution deployment, while 30% plan to invest in SecOps and Incident Response in 2020. With a skills shortage, combined with a growing threat landscape and a need to respond faster, it makes sense to combine humans and machines, allowing each to focus on what they do best.

Join Ecosystm, along with Vectra AI Inc. as we share learning and insights gained from helping hundreds of enterprise security teams use AI to:
• Detect hidden threats in cloud and enterprise networks
• Perform conclusive incident investigations
• Respond with previously unattainable speed and efficacy

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2/18/2020 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
AUS Eastern Standard Time