Darwin Branch Meeting: July 12

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Why should your personal information be protected?

Why should your personal information be protected? 

Exposure of personal information is an advantage for everyone who looks for harvesting your personal information. Any information you post on the Internet will stay persistently. So, before you post something personal think twice – can I avoid it? 

It is advisable to use different email addresses and usernames to make the life of the information harvester more difficult. This talk will discuss about our data being mined and sold for $$? Come and find out how tech giants mine data and how your personal data is available on the Internet. 

Speaker will test the depth of data available online with the help of the tool and share his experience in how to protect your privacy.

Speaker: Bharani is a security enthusiastic coming from a programming background. 

He works in CDU as IT Lecturer and his area of interest is IoT, Policy and Governance, Cloud computing, Penetration testing, and people aspects of security.  His journey has included being a researcher, lecturer, software engineer, security consultant and trainer with companies in India and Malaysia. Bharani is passionate about working with future generation to ensure that we have a strong mix of technical and behavioral skills.

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7/12/2018 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
CDU Darwin Waterfront 21 Kitchener Drive Darwin City, NT 0800 AUSTRALIA