Brisbane Branch Meeting - September 20th

Brisbane Day Month: Meeting name
Diversity in infosec: three presentations demonstrating various considerations in the infosec industry

As part of the diversity initiative led by the Brisbane Branch Executive Chair, Mandy Turner, the September branch meeting focuses on how diverse information security is. There will be three speakers each providing twenty minute talks; one speaker is from private and two are from the public sector. All three have different topics but all three work in information security.

Topic 1: CERT Australia – Protecting our national interests online
Nicholas Coates-Lam 

Nicholas will provide a short overview on the role of CERT Australia and the services which it provides to Australian businesses, including some of the new initiatives CERT Australia is leading out of the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy, such as the Joint Cyber Security Center program. Nicholas is a non-technical information security professional with a strong background in the analysis of all source information to produce tactical, operational and strategic product.

Topic 2: Patching Human Error with Good Design
Charelle Collett  

Design isn't just about pretty interfaces.  Making your software, documentation, products & systems intuitive to use not only keeps your users happy, but can also make them more secure.  Frustrated users find bizarre workarounds: complex password requirements result in passwords on sticky notes, an inconvenient locked door is propped open with a wastepaper basket.  People often see security as getting in the way of their jobs, and there's only so much you can do to educate.  In this talk Charelle will go through some human interaction design principles and how they can be applied to prevent people from doing bad things.

Charelle is a technical writer for Red Hat and full snack devourer. She is passionate about good design, information security, and getting involved with the tech community. When not hanging upside down from a pole, she can usually be found volunteering at a conference, or studying Japanese.

Topic 3: The Internet of Things You Didn’t Want to Think About This Week.
Speaker 3:
Chelsea Dobbie

Chelsea works in cyber incident response and spends a lot of time thinking and working in the cyberspace.  Trying to avoid becoming as paranoid as anyone working with cybers can be, Chelsea takes dance lessons for 3 hours a day. Her dancing hasn’t gotten any better. Her passions include digital forensics, and logging.

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Light lunch provided

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9/20/2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
BDO Level 10/ 12 Creek Street Brisbane, QLD 4000 AUSTRALIA