ISACA Webinars: Upcoming for July 2021

ISACA have a variety of PD webinars being delivered during the month of July. These webinars is FREE and available to ISACA and AISA members.






Webinar Topic: Data Aspirations vs Data Reality in 2021 

This session covers the 2021 Data Maturity Report, the findings and gaps between Data Aspirations and Data Reality. 
Neil will walk through the key findings and explain how to bridge the gap between what you want to do and what you can do with your data. 
Attendees will get an opportunity to learn how the leading companies are driving up stakeholder engagement in data activities and how a great data strategy can deliver focus on improving things that matter to an organisation

Neil Burge is the CEO and founder of Cognopia, based in Singapore, and Cognopia helps you win with data. Neil holds the CIMP Ex in Data Governance, as well as Master of Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. 
Neil started his career as a broker assisting in processing initiatives. This led Neil to understand the requirements for great data, he realised nothing worked without perfect counterparty, reference and transactional data. Since 2016 Neil has led the Cognopia team to help companies across APAC improve their results and get a return on 
investment for data through data strategies that win. 

Date:  Thursday 13 July 2021

Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm (AEST)

CPE:  1 hour

Register: This webinar is FREE and available to ISACA and AISA members. Please register online at:

Webinar Topic: SheLeadsTech Event - What’s Your Water? - An Introduction to Unconscious Bias 

An old Chinese proverb says, “A fish is the last one to know what water is.” A fish swims, lives and breathes in water. It is part of its very being. Bron didn’t know she was a “fish”. Not when she responded to the Salvo email for volunteers to work on Nauru, nor when she completed her induction. She did start to think she may be a fish when she recognised the churning in her stomach as fear – fear of the asylum seekers because they were different to her. Bron realised she’d been swimming in the water of racism and white privilege her whole life – part of growing up in a white conservative Sydney. Now she knew about her “water” Bron returned to Nauru in the full-time role of Religious Liaison Officer. It became a joy for her to work in a multi-faith, multi-race team where she learned to see difference as an asset rather than a threat. 

Bron Williams has synthesized decades of experience and personal insights and distilled into them into frameworks which then draw on and are validated by the research from Forbes, McKinsey, Harvard Business Review and University of Pennsylvania. Bron is determined to make bias conscious in the corporate environment. In the work she’s done with leaders in various sectors, Bron has discovered that raising awareness around bias leads to a greater capacity for broader thinking around diversity and difference which enables leaders to make better- informed decisions. Through more than 30 years’ experience across the education and not-for-profit sectors, Bron has developed her innate ability to work with people and her capacity to see beneath the surface circumstances, analyse the drivers behind behaviour and speak to unconscious bias is phenomenal.  

Date:  Monday 19 July 2021

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm (AEST)

CPE:  1 hour

Register: This webinar is FREE and available to ISACA and AISA members. Please register online at:

Webinar Topic: IoT Security Assessment Insights 

IoT technology comes in a range of types - from consumer devices we have in our homes through to devices that power our utilities and infrastructure. When we see news about IoT systems being breached causing impactful outages in the world or extensive sensitive data exposures, it shows the risks possible when IoT security is not well managed. 
Why would people want to attend? 
To hear an independent perspective on IoT security that provides insights from performing a variety of IoT and embedded device security assessments. 
What will they walk away with? 
- An understanding of common IoT security issues observed in the field 
- An overview on IoT threat modelling principles used during security assessments 
- An insight into how IoT security assessments happen end to end, including scoping through to handing over deliverables 
- How organisations can more efficiently manage threats related to developing IoT technologies 

Matt Jones is the Cofounder and Director at elttam, an independent research-driven security assessment company in Australia. Matt specialises in low-level systems secure code review, threat modelling, and data analysis. Day to day he oversees technical assessments and also serve as a principal consultant.  
Matt's professional security experience goes back to the early 2000s, where he worked in numerous roles including engineering of bespoke security systems and serving as a freelancer performing systems code review and vulnerability assessments for large organisations and blue-chip vendors.  He also helps on the CFP review board for BSides Canberra, and have previously helped with the CFP for OWASP Australia and Ruxcon. 

Date:  Thursday 22 July 2021

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (AEST)

CPE:  1 hour

Register: This webinar is FREE and available to ISACA and AISA members. Please register online at:  

    7/13/2021 12:30 PM - 7/22/2021 1:30 PM
    AUS Eastern Standard Time
    Online video webinar