EC-Council Masterclass Certified Ethical Hacker Program

In conjunction with EC-Council, AISA is offering members the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification to equip infosec professionals with advanced ethical hacking skills. This course will be delivered live online from Monday 23rd November until Thursday 26th November and for 8 hours per day (12pm to 8pm (AEDT)). The Masterclass CEH Program also includes an additional certification in either CPENT or the CHFI is normally priced at over $4,500, however AISA members only pay $3,000 plus GST! Places are limited, so register and pay now to save your place!


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):
The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is one of the most sought-after cybersecurity certifications around the globe. Organizations like the DoD and ANSI have endorsed and/or accredited the CEH course. This program incorporates instruction and practice to get students ready to take the CEH certification exam as well as the CEH Practical Exam. Candidates who successfully pass both exams earn the CEH Master credential as well as their CEH certification. 

CEH provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. It will teach you how hackers think and act maliciously so you will be better positioned to setup your security infrastructure and defend against future attacks. An understanding of system weaknesses and vulnerabilities helps organizations strengthen their system security controls to minimize the risk of an incident.

CEH was built to incorporate a hands-on environment and systematic process across each ethical hacking domain and methodology, giving you the opportunity to work towards proving the required knowledge and skills needed to achieve the CEH credential. You will be exposed to an entirely different posture toward the responsibilities and measures required to be secure.

Now in its 11th version, CEH continues to evolve with the latest operating systems, tools, tactics, exploits, and technologies.

The MasterClass Certified Ethical Hacker program includes two courses and two certifications! 
Not only will candidates undertake the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course, but EC-Council are bundling either the CPENT pen-test self-paced program to help you get your skills moving toward a career in pen-testing or the CHFI self-paced program to help you get you ready for a career in computer forensics.

Students are given the choice to:
Add either the CPENT or the CHFI course to their package. Training for either the Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT) course or the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) course will be given to each student via EC-Council’s online, self-paced, streaming video program. Whether you want to add pen-test skills or computer forensic skills to your program, Masterclass has you covered.

  • CPENT (Pen-test): Teaches students how to apply the concepts and tools taught in the CEH program to a pen-test methodology in a live cyber range.
  • CHFI (Computer Forensics): Teaches students a methodological approach to computer forensics including searching and seizing, chain-of-custody, acquisition, preservation, analysis and reporting of digital evidence.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking; Footprinting and Reconnaisance; Scanning Networks; Enumeration; Vulnerability Analysis; System Hacking;
  • Malware Threats; Sniffing; Social Engineering; Denial-of-Service; Session Hijacking; Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots;
  • Hacking Web Servers; Hacking Web Applications; SQL Injection; Hacking Wireless Networks;
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms; IoT Hacking; Cloud Computing; Cryptography

About the exam:
The live Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course will teach students the 5 phases of Ethical Hacking and show them how to use the tools the hackers use in each of the phases. The course will prepare students for the CEH certification exam as well as the CEH Practical exam. Successful candidates who pass both will earn the CEH Master credential.

After taking an authorized course, candidates can attempt the CEH exam. Candidates that successfully pass the exam will receive their CEH certificate and membership privileges. After proving knowledge by achieving the CEH credential, candidates have the added option to proceed to attempt the CEH (Practical) exam to prove their skills and abilities. The CEH (Practical) is a 6-hour practical exam created by subject matter experts in the ethical hacking industry. The exam tests skills and abilities in a timed environment across major operating systems, databases, and networks. Candidates with both the CEH and CEH (Practical) certifications are designated as CEH Masters, having validated the full scope of their abilities.

Who should attend:

  • Information Security Analyst / Administrator; Information Assurance (IA) Security Officer;
  • Information Security Manager / Specialist; Information Systems Security Engineer / Manager;
  • Information Security Professionals / Officers; Information Security / IT Auditors; 
  • Risk / Threat / Vulnerability Analyst; System Administrators; Network Administrators and Engineers

Sessions & Times: 
The training will be delivered online for 8 hours per day, from 12:00pm until 8:00pm (AEDT) over 4 days duration on the following dates:

  • Monday 23 November 2020 *(AEDT)
  • Tuesday 24 November 2020 *(AEDT)
  • Wednesday 25 November 2020 *(AEDT)
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 *(AEDT)

*Please note Daylight Savings comes to effect on 4 October 2020, so sessions will be in AEDT, and people living in Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth will be effected.

George Dobrea
has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 1998 and is Microsoft’s MCT Regional Lead for Romania. He was also awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award for Enterprise Security in 2005- 2018. George has an outstanding legacy as an EC-Council Instructor (CEI) since 2011 and has been awarded EC-Council’s ‘Instructor of the Year’ Global Award in 2016, 2017, and 2018! He has delivered training in 22 countries over four continents and is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity conferences in Europe and US. He also dedicates a significant amount of his free time to volunteering instructional activities for emergency response teams of humanitarian agencies: NetHope, CRS, Oxfam, SaveChildren.

The course is offered to only AISA members. Please note a minimum of 12 registrants is required for this training course to proceed.  

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11/23/2020 12:00 PM - 11/26/2020 8:00 PM
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