Sydney Branch Meeting: September 14th

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Sydney branch will host TWO professionals development speakers: Angela Donohoe, CIO at BPAY Group & Peter Sandilands, Regional Director, ANZ at Avocado Systems
Topic 1: Working with the Board - Cyber Security in Financial Services

Speaker: Angela Donohoe, CIO at BPAY Group

Angela will present some interesting perspectives on approaches to understanding and managing cyber security risks in financial services. With fast changing business models, increasing reliance on third parties for business and IT services, and an active threat landscape, a multi layered approach to managing risks is required. Increased liability of Directors and mandatory data breach reporting requirements requires security professionals to provide increased transparency, and assurance that organisations are prepared to understand and minimise risks and to respond to unwelcome events.
Topic 2: The Evolution of Cyber Security

Speaker: Peter Sandilands, Regional Director, ANZ at Avocado Systems 

Applying security to business systems has inexorably moved from securing the underlying network traffic to attempting to sanitise the application transactions to now, securing the application services. The closer you get to the application itself the less tolerant you can be of false positives. The analysis must move to be deterministic. This presentation will tell the story of that evolution and describe how it is possible to make deterministic decisions about application transactions.
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9/14/2017 5:15 PM - 7:45 PM
Maritime Union of Australia Ground Floor, 365 Sussex street Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA