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'The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience: Why Some Enterprises Are Hacked Into Bankruptcy, While Others Easily Bounce Back' with Phillimon Zongo, Founder and CEO of CISO Advisory.

'The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience: Why Some Enterprises Are Hacked Into Bankruptcy, While Others Easily Bounce Back'

Cybersecurity is a key priority for company directors, business executives, chief information security officers, and risk-management professionals across all sectors. In The Five Anchors of CYBER Resilience  event, I will  strip away the ambiguity and complexity associated with cyber security, and offers practical guidance to reduce cyber-risk exposure.

With The Five Anchors, public and private enterprises can achieve cyber resilience through:
Creating cost-effective and high-impact cyber security strategies focused on business functions that underpin the enterprise's strategic advantages and the products most valued by its customers
Maintaining a cyber-savvy workforce, where cyber resilience is everyone's duty, from the board to frontline personnel
Baking digital trust into new products early in the design phase, making it an essential and discreet aspect of all digital transformation programs
Designing risk-based cyber-assurance programs for suppliers and business partners, fostering business agility and innovation, all while minimising exposure to third-party related cyber threats
Adopting lean, efficient and highly effective governance structures that can swiftly and flexibly adapt to reflect changing market needs or business circumstances

By embracing The Five Anchors of cyber resilience, enterprises can focus limited resources on cybersecurity controls that will yield the highest impact; maximise the value from their cybersecurity investments; and reduce their exposure.

THE SPEAKER: Phil Zongo is the Founder and CEO of CISO Advisory, an Australian based consulting firm that helps enterprises develop high-impact and cost-effective cyber security strategies. He is also the author of an Amazon Best-Selling, contemporary strategy book, The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience. 

Zongo was the 2016-17 winner of the ISACA’s Michael Cangemi Best Book/Article Award, one of ISACA’s highest honours that recognises individuals for major contributions to publications in the field of IS audit, control and/or security.

In 2016, Zongo won ISACA Sydney’s first ever Best Governance of the Year award, a recognition for the thought leadership he contributes to the cyber-security profession. He has been featured as keynote speaker and panellist at several conferences, providing cutting edge insights on disruptive trends, such as cyber resilience, Blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. He is also a board member at the ISACA Sydney Chapter. His thought leadership has also been featured in the CSO Magazine, ISACA International Journal and The Australian Journal of Financial Planning. 

Over the last 14 years, Phil has advised several business leaders on how to cost-effectively manage business risk in complex transformation programs. Phil regularly speaks at conferences and leading universities on disruptive trends, such as cyber resilience, Blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Session -2  Panel Discussion - Cyber Security Resilience and Challenges (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm)  with prize draw  **  Moderator: Laura Lee

Darren Argyle

Cyber Security  Expert and CISO of iCare

Shamane Tan

Cyber Security Advisor APAC at Privasec


Dilip Samji

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Expert


Darren Argyle is the Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Cyber Security at iCare NSW.

Before joining iCare NSW, Darren was the former Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Qantas Airlines, and has held various senior international cyber security leadership roles at IHS Markit a global FinTech, Symantec and IBM.

Darren has delivered several keynote talks internationally on the importance of building and maintaining ‘Digital Trust’, a holistic term that encapsulates; cyber security, data protection and privacy, resilience and data governance


Shamane is the APAC Cyber Security Advisor at Privasec, a leading independent Security Consulting Firm in Australia and Singapore. She advises the C-Suite and IT Executives on the reality of the challenges they faced from regulatory issues to cybercrime. 
As the founder of the Cyber Risk meetups across Australia and Singapore, her meetups offer Security Enthusiasts and Executives a unique platform to impart and exchange innovative insights. As a speaker at international events, Shamane is also a huge advocate and champion for the Information Security professionals, spreading awareness on disruptive technologies, the human factor, and encouraging people to take the step forward in the world of Cyber.


Dilip Samji is the Director of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics for DRC Australia, he holds a Master of Information Systems Security and in this October will complete his second Master in Cyber Security.

He supervises a Digital Forensic investigations team,  involving matters that range from bullying emails, IP theft,  disgruntled employee, Cybercrime,  assisting Lawyers and Barristers  on both civil  and criminal litigation  as well testifying in Court as Expert Witness

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9/19/2018 5:15 PM - 7:30 PM
PwC (Sydney) Level 15 One International Towers Sydney Watermans Quay Barangaroo, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA