2020 Vision - 26 March 2020


BrisSEC20: 2020 Vision

26 March 2020 - Hilton Brisbane

The theme of the conference is 2020 Vision. Clarity and focus - both are vital for success in cyber security. To survive and thrive, it’s crucial to have a clear view - of the landscape, the threats, and the ways forward

Cyber-threats continue to be an enormous challenge for Australian companies and are now Australia’s number-one economic crime. By raising local awareness of threats, partnering with government agencies and collaborating with other organisations, we strengthen the industry and improve cyber security.

BrisSEC20 focused on a collaborative approach to provide new opportunities and synergising strategies to enhance and strengthen cyber security.

Over 400 professionals working in the cyber security and information technology sector learnt about current threats, how to best protect company operations and information and how to work together creating success through synergy.


Code of Conduct 

AISA has a Code of Conduct for events, that outlines our expectations for all participants.  Event organisers and AISA officials are onsite to enforce this code and require full cooperation to help us promote a safe and enjoyable event experience for everyone. Decisions related to the Code of Conduct are at the sole discretion of the event organiser and AISA officials and are final.

Full Code of Conduct details are available at: www.aisa.org.au/Events_code_of_Conduct

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