Branch Executive

Professor Matt Warren

Professor Warren is currently the Deputy Director of the Deakin University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, a Professor of Cyber Security at Deakin University and a research theme leader in the Australian CyberCRC (Co-operative Research Centre). He is a prolific and passionate researcher in the areas of Cyber Security and have authored and co-authored over 300 books, book chapters, journal papers and conference papers. As well as academic research he is experienced in working with government in advisory capacities and being an external cyber security consultant for numerous international and Australian organisations.  Professor Warren has taught in Australia, Finland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. 

Committee members

Denny Wan

Denny is a dedicated community builder and an AISA member since its inception. He has deep understanding of the challenges facing the information security community represented by AISA. He is passionate in encouraging member participation and believes in the value of the online meeting format, synergising with the branch structure. He has over 20 years of experience in the Australian Information Security industry and is well connected across the community. These are important asset to his role as member of the Cloud Branch committee, to identify relevant topics and seeking suitable presenters.


Bryony Norvall

With Cyber Security experience spanning across South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia, Bryony is passionate about her role as Regional Account Manager with Trend Micro. Her mission is to make a difference to the economy and community of West Australia through education, raising awareness and providing cyber security solutions which empower organisations to innovate, transform digitally and operate more efficiently. This enables industries to make advancements in tech for the benefit of both the community and economy whilst she works on keeping the bad guys at bay.