Operations team

General Manager - Megan Spielvogel

Megan joined AISA in August 2018.  After spending more than 20 years in event management, membership, communications and sales with membership associations and enterprises, Megan understands what a strong, engaged membership can achieve in a membership association. 

Megan utilises her skills in developing strategic plans, marketing plans, and projects while working closely with the members, AISA branches, the AISA board and stakeholders.

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Events & Sponsorship Manager - Susanna Palermo

Susanna is an accomplished Event Manager with over twenty years’ experience, and has worked in all aspects of the industry including sales, catering, operational, marketing, sponsorship, planning, design and research.

After completing a Bachelor of Business in Event Management, Susanna’s passion for events, people and food, led her to work for iconic venues such as the Melbourne Town Hall and Melbourne Zoo planning weddings and corporate events.

Susanna has also managed events and conferences for high profile membership organisations such as the Bus Association of Victoria and Australian Hotels Association. Susanna worked at VET Development Centre where she developed and coordinated their professional development and events calendar.

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Membership Engagement Manager - Sandra Blair

Sandra joined AISA in 2014 and has been integral in helping facilitate AISA’s success by serving and significantly growing its membership base. 
Often referring to herself as an 'ideas person', Sandra’s passion, expertise and experience helps facilitate professional education for AISA members around the risks and dangers of cyber-attack and data theft. 
She believes in the importance of diversity in an industry which includes a wide range of ages, cultures and experience. She enjoys building confidence in students and is patient and empathetic to members' needs. 
Sandra loves to see AISA members thrive and she encourages all members to collaborate and build relationships with other industry stakeholders. 
Sandra enjoys working with the AISA operations team, board members and branch executives to continuously help improve the operations of the association in an ever changing Information Security landscape, whilst never losing touch of member's needs.
Her aspiration is to make a difference one member at a time.

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Events Coordinator - Clare Dillon

Clare is passionate about providing high quality and well-planned events. Her experience in the events industry has been in organisations that support their members or clients in their professional development and creative expression.

Clare completed her Diploma in Events Management in 2015 and since then has grown her events knowledge and experience in a range of industries including disability support, the public sector and now the cyber security world!

She is very excited to expand her knowledge of the cyber security industry through the conferences and branch events that AISA hosts for its members and the community.

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NSW Cyber Business Exchange Program Manager - Kate Cameron

Kate joined AISA in May 2022 to head up the NSW Cyber Business Exchange in partnership with the Cyber Hub division of the NSW State Government.

She transitioned to cyber after 25 years in the travel and tourism industry.

As a senior business leader, Kate managed both corporate and retail divisions of the major network membership groups.

She developed her skills in client relationships, project management, operations, strategic planning, and sales & marketing.

Kate looks forward to seeing NSW cyber businesses grow and develop new commercial opportunities as a result of their participation in this Program.

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Sophie Glekas - Administration Manager

Administration Manager - Sophie Glekas

Sophie began working as Administration Manager with AISA in May 2022.

She completed her Certificate III in Bookkeeping in 2009 which found her working in a small accounting firm for a year, then moving on to bookkeeping for small construction businesses.

Over the years, Sophie has broadened her knowledge and experience in various other industries, such as working with an RTO as a Compliance Manager and also as an Executive Assistant for a Disability Provider.

Sophie is passionate about helping people with whatever is required. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn new things means that she is always up for new and rewarding challenges.

Sophie is grateful to be working with the wonderful AISA Operations Team, Board members and Branch executives and she looks forward to continuing to expand her knowledge of the cyber security industry.

Email Sophie: [email protected]

Community and Advocacy Manager - Kathryn Barres

Kathryn joined AISA in July 2022 and has over 15 years of experience in the Not-For-Profit sector.

After working in fundraising and donor relations for international development charities for more than ten years, in 2016 Kathryn moved to a dedicated marketing and communications role for a member-based association in the construction industry.Before joining the Not-For-Profit sector, Kathryn worked in commercial property, commercial gas and at a legal company.

She is delighted to now be working in the increasingly important industry of information and cyber security, supported by forward-thinking and hard working board and staff members.

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